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Advanced Protection Agency is your first choice to meet all your security needs.
Our company provides a wide range of protection services, both through human and
technical equipment. Security escorts, Bodyguards, Selective Protection Teams,
Private Investigations, Security Systems, Remote Internet Monitoring and CCTV are
indicative of the services offered.
We undertake to carry out security and private research missions to obtain any
information requested. You can contact us whether it pertains to a business entity or
to an individual.
Our company is characterized by professionalism and confidentiality. All cases are
undertaken by specially trained people who are fully educated to handle security,
information and other related issues quickly and efficiently.
These features are valued by our customers who they award follow-on and new work
orders to our company. Our clients come from all professional and social categories,
individuals and legal entities, large corporations, organizations, officials, as well as
many celebrities.


The purpose of Advanced Protection Agency is to provide security services that
always exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers with
professionalism, reliability and confidentiality.
Our goal is to offer unique security solutions for each customer individually with
immediate application to the real-life conditions of everyday life.
Our responsibility is our customers to feel safe and calm. For our company,
Prevention is the important factor in avoiding any unpleasant situation. We constantly
monitor all developments in security technology so as to offer the best effective and
protection available to our customer.
Our priority is the continuous training of the staff, both in theory and in practice, so
that it is ready to respond to the ever-changing conditions prevailing today. Along
with our staff, we continuously modernize our equipment so that our staff can easily
and efficiently carry out its mission.


Our mission is to have the concepts of protection and security synonymous with the
brand Advanced Protection Agency.
Our first priority is customer satisfaction.


Advanced Protection Agency is ready at all times to act in order to provide you
protection and security. The action does not solely derive from the obligation towards
the client but also from our readiness to undertake responsibility. We take over the
responsibility of your protection as well as of any inadvertently caused harm or
damages to premises, staff, customers or any third party due to sole negligence of
our company.